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6. Colors of Laughter

Typically in last 5 days, I had been creating photographs. This time I kept the subject fixed. The exercise was to analyse the subject and to photograph it in a way which present its attributes clearly.

Aim: To shoot ‘Laughing Buddha’

 Trial shot: Golden color would look better on black background and more exposure would be better

                          It looked better on black background but the photograph was very ordinary

                                So I gave him goggles 😛 . But still something more must been done.

I observed that Laughing Buddha was about life, laughter, prosperity. I decided to color his clothes to give colors to his laughter.

                                               The colors look good on white too but black was better.

                                                            This was an unusual angle and i like it.

Final image: I liked the angle, the shadow and the texture of the chart paper. Spent a lot of time editing in photoshop, in fact I can write a complete post on how i edited it :-p

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