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25. Cute and Cunning

“The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt.”
~Henri Cartier-Bresson

Can you reflect the personality of a human in just one photograph?

“I try”, it is what I said while discussing portrait photography with a college mate. ┬áThere are many things you have to take into account if you really wanna make a good portrait photograph- THE portrait photograph.

The most important thing is how you handle your model. Can you make him comfortable in his own skin? Can you make them so naked that they can’t hide what they are?

Observation is another important aspect. You must have expertise in noticing the very distinctive features of the model. It can be facial structure, expressions, the way he uses his hands, the way his hairs are, how he stands etc.

The third point is to have a ‘common sense‘. Camera doesn’t see what you see. You must have enough knowledge to manipulate or enhance what you wanna show.

Portrait photography is ┬áthe most challenging and adventurous genre to me. It is knowing your model through your camera. I tried to take a portrait yesterday. It is unfinished and I am still in search of that ‘one’ photograph. I spent 2.5 hrs photographing the model and still din’t got the right result.

Here are some of the different shots:

The one I found closest to her character-

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