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42. The Yellow Flowers

Due to lack of time, I am just uploading the final selected photograph from last few posts. I realized that I should stick to my original idea of presenting the stories behind the making of photographs.

It is a photoshoot of the mustard while my recent visit to my village. I started with a close-up shot of one flower, it wasn’t that impacting.

Next, I tried to include the yellow flowers as background and then take close-up of one flower but then it lost all of its contrast.

It was very unusual but the best photograph I took is a shallow depth image with showing a lot of flowers close-by.



I have been noticing “frame inside a frame” a lot these days. Here are some photographs taken within past 1 month. For those who don’t know, frame inside a frame is a useful composition tool used to emphasize your subject ¬†using the surrounding elements.

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