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Swarsandhya’12- The Musical Evening

A long time since I covered any event at IIT. I think it has to be Swarsandhya 2012. Swarsandhya is Hindi musical evening being organised at IIT every year. It gives a nice platform for the students to show their talent and to learn from fellow musicians.

I experienced a complete different feeling while shooting that day. I started shooting normally trying various vantage points but after shooting some time I started feeling the lights. It all started making sense and I knew from where to click and how to click each subject. It was the first time I got so high on photography.

This is my one of the best event photography so far. Your feedback will be most appreciated :). See the complete album at: facebook…..

The Swarsandhya’12 team

56. The Gatekeeper

I have been doing a lot of photography in the past 1 week. So much that I din’t even get the time to upload. A lots of photo-walks have piled up. I took this photograph at Hareshwar village, Maharashntra. The village is very beautiful, very colorful. Mostly every house in the village had a cat. I have never seen so many cats at a place. What I like most about cats are their eyes. They keep staring at you like they are gonna kill you by their glance.

55. Melody

Taken at Swarsandhya- a musical evening in the IIT campus. I personally love this photograph, everything is so perfect in it. Focussing in  night and while moving is hard but I was able to get it. Also, the posture, the environment is just perfect. the people in the background just slightly blurred, adding to the melodious nature of the photo. To let  you know, the Singer- Shubham Bansal is known for his movements while singing a song. I guess I captured it well 🙂

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