Archive for March 21st, 2012

Dhobhi Ghat

After so many efforts finally its here- the photo-walk to Dhobhi Ghat. Dhobhi ghat is a well known open air laundromat in India. Approx. 1000 washermen work here every day. The washermen also live here in small, dark rooms. I went there at 6:30 in the morning, many of the washermen were taking their bath or sleeping. For better quality and complete album, go to my Flickr set 🙂

59. Encumbered Excursion

Another photo-manipulation. I got this idea while watching the cartoon series- One-piece. It took some time before converting to the photograph but yesterday I decided to do it. It involves a lot of editing. I love going in the streets and taking photographs but I think some photo-manipulations in between will be nice :). See on Flickr for better resolution

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