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60. Cat eyes

Another cat photograph taken during the trip to Hareshwar village. I have improved it a lot in editing. I have tried to give a vintage feel to it. Go to Flickr for better quality. Tell me how you like it

From Depp to Deol

While reading newspaper I came across this article about how Johny Depp has been morphed to Sunny deol for the look of his new hindi Film ‘Bhaiyaji Superhit’. I felt very sad for the standard of photography in India. First they can’t think by themself and even they did get inspired from somewhere, atleast shoot it, don’t just morph it in photoshop:-/.

I decided to show how you can create your own Sunny Deol starting from the Johny Depp photograph of vanity fair.

This is the original Johny Depp photograph.

Use stamp tool to remove the tatoo from the right hand.

Now, make a new layer and paint with red on the sofa, later change the layer mode to Color Burn.

Now with black color paint the jacket with 50% opacity.

Now with light blue color paint the creases on the jacket. Blur them by going to filter>blur>gaussian blur to the amount which feel good. Then use eraser tool to fine touch it.

Now is the time to do color corrections. Open Hue/saturation adjustment layer and change the hue of the jacket to blue and increase the saturation.

Now, we will make our Indian Johny depp. Use the sunny deol photograph and mask the head on the Johny depp head. And congratulations, you are now a national level photographer.

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