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91. Sorry! forgot to wear the smile

I have decided to change my workstyle a little. I will use Flickr to store my photograph and this wordpress blog to write behind the scenes, ideas, tutorials and everything else. The quality deteriorates heavily on wordpress, so it is better to see the photographs on Flickr but I love to write so WordPress will go on :).  Here is the Flickr link for the current photograph

The concept was simple-‘ Plastic smile’. The code of conduct we have to wear even if we want to or not. I just wanted to take a simple photograph without smile and write the caption- Ohh! I forgot my smile at home. Then I noticed this site from my window and decided to take the photograph there. The sun was in my eyes and I could barely open my eyes. I am practicing a lot on using textures to make images better. Not quite satisfied with the current texture, will try to improve in next photograph.

Now I am feeling that I am not able to convey the idea (if we go by the reaction of the people). I have one more idea on the similar concept in which I will show the ingredients of ” How to make a Gentlemen?”.

PS: your feedback is most appreciated



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