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95. You shan’t pass

Haha! What a day it was. I went to this place with all sets of random props, I found a table somewhere so I carried it here thinking of creating a good levitating image with leaves in the air and cloth fllying. But the table broke while jumping 😀

And then I decided to create this image by compositing various shots of fabric to create a larger one.

It is first in many ways, for it is my first expansion photograph and first with compositing farbic. I know it is full of composition mistakes. The sky is completely blown and I am standing opposite to the light source but I like the final image for how the cloth turned out.

See on Flickr for a better view

94. Smoking Kills

I thought of this concept a long time back, finally did it. In the starting what I had in mind was the complete cigarette pack cover and a person coming out of the bottom part and smoking. I just wanted to show the juxtaposition of the two conflicting ideas, the write on the pack that smoking kills and then selling the same thing. Well, its the one of the most weirdest thing I have seen in my life.  How can someone achieve such a trust? Personally what I believe is- ““Always remember that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.”~ Winston Churchill.

While doing the editing I felt that its better just to take the bottom part. For a better quality, see on Flickr.

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