170. Lonely

Lonely by Abhey Singh
Lonely, a photo by Abhey Singh on Flickr.

“रहते थे कभी दिलों में, अब फ़ुटपाथों में रहते हैं,
हर शाम कभी रंगीं थी, अब तनहा रातों में रहते हैं..
मन में तो टूटी दरारें हैं, पर दुनियादारी की ख़ातिर,
कच्चे धागों से बंधे हुये, झूठे नातों में रहते हैं…”

These are some lines wrote by my friend Kanhaiya who is a great poet. After taking this photograph I was searching for some suitable quote for it when I noticed his status. We started talking and he gave these lines to use with the caption. Thanks a lot man!

I feel a little lonely sometimes. Maybe I still miss my college days. 6 days 10-5 work and then nobody to be there when you return gives a sick feeling sometimes. Photography is the only thing that is still protecting me from negativity

  1. could you translate the poem? or your friend?

    because the image is awesome, now I would like to read the words 😉

    • I will ask him to translate it but I am not sure that it will retain the same feel. Will get back to you soon 🙂

    • “Used to reside in people’s hearts, now I stay on footpaths..
      used to every evening be colorful and beautiful, now every night is sad and meaningless..
      I feel heart broken but just for the sake of everyone I know, .
      I live in a pretentious world where all rhe relations seem fake and superficial..”

      An attempt to translate by the original author Kanhaiya 🙂

      • Thank you. that was very quick. Please tell the writer my compliments, even in translation it has a beauty, flow and feel to it.

  2. I been to Bangalore some years back, and bcoz of that I know how exactly you must be feeling. It was then I stuck to my friends to cure my loneliness and home sickness. Sometimes friends are there exactly for this purpose.

    Cheers for you frame, I really loved it…

    And as far as your loneliness is concerned, I kind of live near to the place where you are currently leaving. Let me know, I would be really happy to go out to a photography walk with you.. 🙂

    • That is the main problem. I am not able to find any time for meeting people or to go for a photo-walk. I get only one holiday and that goes away resting. Anyways, I would love to be in touch with you and we will go out for a photo-walk (maybe I will take a day off 🙂 )

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