8. Woman

More photographs with smoke, just trying to improve my skills

1. Something to hold on


2. Reflection



3. Elegance

7. Colors of Smoke

I read more about smoke photography and learnt that smoke can have colors. Graham Jeffrey has written and done a lot in colored smoke photography.

Today I am just posting some results of my experiments with colored smoke photography.

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6. Colors of Laughter

Typically in last 5 days, I had been creating photographs. This time I kept the subject fixed. The exercise was to analyse the subject and to photograph it in a way which present its attributes clearly.

Aim: To shoot ‘Laughing Buddha’

 Trial shot: Golden color would look better on black background and more exposure would be better

                          It looked better on black background but the photograph was very ordinary

                                So I gave him goggles 😛 . But still something more must been done.

I observed that Laughing Buddha was about life, laughter, prosperity. I decided to color his clothes to give colors to his laughter.

                                               The colors look good on white too but black was better.

                                                            This was an unusual angle and i like it.

Final image: I liked the angle, the shadow and the texture of the chart paper. Spent a lot of time editing in photoshop, in fact I can write a complete post on how i edited it :-p

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Some more results of experiments with smoke

5. Smoke Woman

Aim: to play with smoke

Inspired from http://www.digital-photography-school.com/smoking-allowed-investigating-smoke-art-photography

I got some hint of a woman from this shot

Edited by photoshop to make the shape more prominent

Final in black

Blue colored with black background

Blue with white background

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4. Presence

Aim: to show human presence without actually showing one

Idea: Coffee mug with vapors coming out of it

I have been trying to capture smoke for a long time now. So, after so many failed attempts I finally made it. I learnt few tricks from  http://www.digital-photography-school.com/smoking-allowed-investigating-smoke-art-photography.

The main trick is to use a dark background and to only light the smoke carrying vessel. I don’t have external camera lights so I used a torch to light the coffee mug.

Trial photo to just see how Long Exposures and selective lighting go together

I used actual coffee but it din’t produce much vapors 😦

So i used incense sticks, it did produce smoke but it was concentrated to only one place

Too much smoke 😛

Got the right amount of smoke
Changed some positions and got the final photo

Collage of edited ones

My Favourite final photograph

3. Man to Machine

Aim: to depict the theme ‘Man to Machine’

Idea: to show the co-existence and harmony of man and machine

There was not much to be done on composition as it was a tricky photograph and I had to act spontaneously. Anyways I got the idea from a photograph I saw on Facebook.

Recreating the above photograph required 6 models and other accessories and the main problem was to arrange all of them. I faced some problems in arranging tyres but finally everything happened.

Final photo:


2. Spirit Bomb

Aim: To depict the theme ‘Spirit Bomb’

Idea: Multiple exposure to give the photograph a surreal feel

This was the trial photograph, just to see what settings we had to use to get the required result. 

  •  The idea was that only the hands of the model would move but in this photograph his body was also moving.
  •  The background- trees etc. were distracting.
  •  More stops of hands were required

  • Hand movements increased
  • Model’s body is more or less stable
  • Due to long exposure the tree was very well exposed and was taking the attention away
  • The surreal, spiritual feel was still not dominant
  • Dark background, to avoid distractions
  • Change of costume as previous one was too loose
  • Also some experiments with smoke to give it more of a surreal feel but failed

Final photograph
  • The color version was looking more impactful
  • Some post-processing was done to bring focus on hands and the face

1. Man to Machine

It is the theme of a photography competition I am currently working on. While browsing randomly through some photographs on Flickr, I saw this photograph http://www.flickr.com/photos/ndybisz/6560118095/in/faves-abhey_singh/ by Miss Aniela. I decided to modify it to suit the theme of ‘Man to machine’.

The idea was to show how a person is addicted to the computer and internet and he couldn’t get rid of it even he wants to.

I arranged some discarded monitor and rope, but the difficult part was the model. It is extremely hard to find some model for a nude photograph in India, specially when you are not known professionally. I even doubted that the organizers would also put it into vulgar category and discard my entry. Anyways, I finally decided to model myself.

1st photo


1. The rope was loose and  it din’t give the feel of a person being trying to be free but couldn’t.

2. The posture looked awkward.

3. The background had 2-3 color tones and it was distracting.

4. The semi-nude condition was not supporting the photograph. It should either be completely nude or in general clothing.

I tried again by making some of above changes and also incorporating HDR but still it is not looking good enough.


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