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173. “Read Drink Love”

"Read Drink Love" by Abhey Singh
“Read Drink Love”, a photo by Abhey Singh on Flickr.

Taken with two of my life’s most important things- Coffee and books. With starting to get out of the negativity due to monotonous routine, I am now focusing on improving my skills in photography and design. Also I remembered the lines of famous Indian poet and father of Amitabh bachchan- Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s: ”
Madiralaya jane ko ghar se, chalta hai peene wala,
Kis path se jaoon, asmanjas mein hai yeh bhola bhala.
Alag, alag path batlate sab, par main yeh batlata hoon
Rah pakad too ek chala chal, pa jayega Madhushala.”

58. Mahabharata

I was working on this photograph for a long time and finally I am publishing it online. I got inspired from a similar idea I saw on tumblr and decided to make a photograph on it. I chose Mahabharata as the book to show in the photograph. From Mahabharata I chose two most famous incidents: 1. ‘Dropadi cheer haran’- the disrobing of Dropadi and

2.  The scene of the great war with Krishna carrying Arjuna on the chariot

This photograph is Light-painted and all the props are made by myself only.Go to flickr for better view

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