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125. Between Me and Nature

With growing Urbanization we are going away and away from nature. The sweet songs of birds are replaced by Traffic noise. I am fortunate enough to live in a green, peaceful campus. It is a perfect combination of facilities a city can give and a natural environment.

30. No Exit

This photo-manipulation is inspired from the philosopher Satre’s play- No exit. It is based on a group of people confined only to a room.

Going home for a marriage, will return with a loads of interesting photographs.

17. My body is a cage

This photograph is inspired from the song “My body is a cage” by Arcade Fire. The technique to take this kind of photograph is simple. The lights should be ┬ábehind the subject and a semi-transparent cloth. I got an added advantage that the cloth I used had an inbuilt texture in it.

This was the initial shot. The major problem I observed was the intensity of light source. Other thing which could be improved was that area of contact of hands and cloth.  So, I increased the light intensity and ask the model to apply pressure only on the selected parts.

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