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Dhobhi Ghat

After so many efforts finally its here- the photo-walk to Dhobhi Ghat. Dhobhi ghat is a well known open air laundromat in India. Approx. 1000 washermen work here every day. The washermen also live here in small, dark rooms. I went there at 6:30 in the morning, many of the washermen were taking their bath or sleeping. For better quality and complete album, go to my Flickr set 🙂

57. Life in between lines

Taken at Dhobhi ghat, Mumbai. The clothes are tied to the ropes without using any clamps. In design, I like the minimalistic feel of the photograph. In terms of both elements and color. WordPress seems to blur the photographs a little, for better quality view on flickr

54. Splash

It din’t go well last time but I am not the one to give up. After the failed attempt on Wednesday I again went to the Dhobhi Ghat, Mumbai to shoot. I din’t sleep in the night as it is easy to be awake till 5 AM then to wake up. This time I reached there 6:30 in the morning so there were no officials to stop me. I will write about the complete experience of the photo-walk in a separate post in the photo-walks category.

For a brief description, Dhobi Ghat is a well known open air laundromat in Mumbai, India. The washers, locally known as Dhobis, work in the open to wash the clothes from Mumbai’s hotels and hospitals.

This photograph again established my ability to observe “frame inside a frame“. Also, I like the spalashes and the vibrant colors.

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