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1. Man to Machine

It is the theme of a photography competition I am currently working on. While browsing randomly through some photographs on Flickr, I saw this photograph by Miss Aniela. I decided to modify it to suit the theme of ‘Man to machine’.

The idea was to show how a person is addicted to the computer and internet and he couldn’t get rid of it even he wants to.

I arranged some discarded monitor and rope, but the difficult part was the model. It is extremely hard to find some model for a nude photograph in India, specially when you are not known professionally. I even doubted that the organizers would also put it into vulgar category and discard my entry. Anyways, I finally decided to model myself.

1st photo


1. The rope was loose and  it din’t give the feel of a person being trying to be free but couldn’t.

2. The posture looked awkward.

3. The background had 2-3 color tones and it was distracting.

4. The semi-nude condition was not supporting the photograph. It should either be completely nude or in general clothing.

I tried again by making some of above changes and also incorporating HDR but still it is not looking good enough.


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