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70. Blowin in the Wind

I am getting  Institute Organisational Color for my work as the Convener of Pixels- the photography club of IITB. This photograph is dedicated to my journey, to the opportunities I din’t get, to the works which din’t get noticed.  Inspired from the famous song by Bob Dylan-“Blowin in the wind” and to the lines ‘how many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?’ . Although I still have a long road to go, I am not sure how I am gonna pursue photography after passing out in 1 month but this award does give me the strength to keep fighting 🙂

59. Encumbered Excursion

Another photo-manipulation. I got this idea while watching the cartoon series- One-piece. It took some time before converting to the photograph but yesterday I decided to do it. It involves a lot of editing. I love going in the streets and taking photographs but I think some photo-manipulations in between will be nice :). See on Flickr for better resolution

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