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Another one from the portfolio shoot. I dint feel like naming shots taken without any preconception, so I am leaving it untitled. Flickr link for a better resolution

86. Mannequin

I did an awesome portfolio shoot with this beautiful young lady yesterday. She wants to be an actress in TV serials and someday she will become a fine one. I edited this photograph through my recently learnt editing techniques inspired from Dave Hill. I will upload the complete portfolio shoot with ‘behind the scenes’ report as soon as I am finished with the editing. Go to Flickr for a much better view

69. Scent of a Woman

I am in love with this photograph. Everything from shooting to editing went so perfectly. I am very intrigued by feminity. Everything from how they touch their hair to how they sit appears fascinating. I have also done a previous photograph on the same. I might be doing some project like this soon. Go to Flickr for a better view. Do comment to tell how you like the photograph 🙂

68. Sihran

I am trying some experiments with multiple exposures these days. It can be used to show the movements in a photograph. The caption- Sihran is a urdu word whose closest meaning would be- to send chills up spine. I din’t find any english word which exactly describes it and as Twain said- ‘The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug’, I decided to use the urdu word itself. Go to Flickr for a better view

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