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Swarsandhya’12- The Musical Evening

A long time since I covered any event at IIT. I think it has to be Swarsandhya 2012. Swarsandhya is Hindi musical evening being organised at IIT every year. It gives a nice platform for the students to show their talent and to learn from fellow musicians.

I experienced a complete different feeling while shooting that day. I started shooting normally trying various vantage points but after shooting some time I started feeling the lights. It all started making sense and I knew from where to click and how to click each subject. It was the first time I got so high on photography.

This is my one of the best event photography so far. Your feedback will be most appreciated :). See the complete album at: facebook…..

The Swarsandhya’12 team

43. Hukka

This photograph was taken during my recent home visit. I observed the shadow which was dividing two of them. It also has a very different contrast as the person in the shadow region is contrasted by his white clothes and the other person by the shadows on his face.

After taking this first photograph I decided to wait for some interesting expression.

Well, nothing so interesting happened so I tried few photographs with a single subject.

After seeing through all I like the first shot the most.

32. Waiting for the train

I took this shot from the bridge while deboarding the train. I like the lights and the interaction between various elements in this photograph.

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