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Prithvi Theatre- Naali ke Kutte

Coverage of the play ‘naali ke kutte’ at the famous theatre of mumbai- Prithvi Theatre. The play is about two soldiers stationed on the border of India and Pakistan who became friends due to one thing in common- loneliness. This play received huge applause and I think at the time when a Pakistani Prime Minister is visiting India, he should watch this play.

The lead characters- the two soldiers

The scene in which the Indian soldier took his Pakistani friend on the trip to India on a imaginary bike

They nearly solved all the national problems with just this simple game of chess 🙂

The queue for the show

The cafeteria at Prithvi Theatre

71. Ek-Do-Dhai

This photograph was taken at the famous Prithvi Theatre where one of the most appreciated play in the history of IITB- ‘Naali ke Kutte’ was performed. The play is about two soldiers belonging to different countries-India and Pakistan who became friends due to loneliness at the border. The caption is for the Knight’s move- Two and a half. Go to Flickr for a better resolution

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