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106. Let it be

Feeling a bit less motivated lately. Patience is giving out. Things are going up and down :-|. Not able to see any way. Ohh! I should talk about the photograph too ;). Well, I am getting used to using textures in my images now. I like how the rose turned out in this. Quite flat and very much painterly.

” a rose is incomplete without the thorns”



62. Thorns and Roses

I have been seeing this kind of collage making a lot around me so I decided to try a hand on it. It is combining two images to show two sides of a photograph. I know, this is not exactly what is called as photography in the sense of capturing both sides in one frame only. It actually goes in- ‘how you arrange your photographs‘. I like the challenge of combining everything to one frame but I think I will try this kind of combinations also. Go to flickr for a better quality 🙂

61. Autumn

 I am working on a lot of photo-manipulations’ ideas. I hope you will like them. On personal side life isn’t going great. I know I want to do photography but I don’t know the way. For better quality go to flickr and press L

19. Bouquet

Another smoke photography result but this time  I left a little smoke in the background to make it feel like real smoke.


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