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79. Catch

It was another of those incidents in which photography serves as a medium to interact with people. I went to the SAC grounds to shoot where these children were playing. I dint have to do anything and just point the camera towards them and they all became my friends. I played with them for half an hour and got some awesome photographs. Filckr for much better view


53. The race of life

I went for a photo-walk to Dhobhi ghat in the morning and was quite inspired to make some very good photographs but they din’t allowed to photograph 😦 . But I din’t give up. I went to the road and kept my camera on the wall with long exposure time. As the wall was slant the orientation of the photograph is not horizontal but I think it adds up to the photograph. This photograph gives a feel of the rush everybody is in.

There is a poem I heard in a hindi film “Lage raho Munnabhai” which present this feeling in a beautiful way.

Sehar ki is daud mein daud ke karna kya hai,
Agar yahi jeena hai doston, to phir marna kya hai?

Pehli baarish mein train late hone ki phikra hai
Bhulgaye, bheegte hue tehlna kya hai?

Serial ki kirdaron ka saara haal hai maloom
Par maa ka haal poochne ki fursat kahan hai?

Ab ret pe nange paaon tehlte kyun nahi?
108 hain chanel, par dil behlte kyun nahi?

Internet pe dunia se to touch mein hain
Lekin pados mein kaun rehta hai, jaante tak nahi

Mobile, landline sab ki bhar maar hai
Lekin jigri dost tak pahunche, aise taar kahan hai?

Kab dubte hue suraj ko dekhatha, yaad hai?
Kab jana tha sham ka guzarna kya hai

To doston, sehar ki is daud mein daud ke karna kya hai,
Agar yahi jeena hai, to phir… marna kya hai?

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