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51. Sunshine

Another smoke photograph, I am quite enjoying creating these 🙂

50. Rose

A smoke photograph after a long time.

23. Fire Inside

I tried to keep eyes sharp and it was not easy. It was lit from above with a torch.

Some other shots:

Selected shot:

I was appearing a little bit congested so I added some more black background in post-processing.

Final photograph:

19. Bouquet

Another smoke photography result but this time  I left a little smoke in the background to make it feel like real smoke.


18. Smoke Bath

Building on my experience of capturing smoke I tried to shoot some real-life situations. I used torch to light the smoke.

1. The background light was disturbing

2. Smoke was not well-lit

3. The expressions on the face were interesting.

4. Black and white medium would look better

5. No focus on the subject

Did some editing in photoshop like making the background black, sharpening and some increase in contrast.

Final result is:


16. Not so clean air

I am doing some more experiments with smoke like trying white background( in Photoshop) , using flash and spending time refining my skills. I shall write a more descriptive blog post about it soon.

8. Woman

More photographs with smoke, just trying to improve my skills

1. Something to hold on


2. Reflection



3. Elegance

7. Colors of Smoke

I read more about smoke photography and learnt that smoke can have colors. Graham Jeffrey has written and done a lot in colored smoke photography.

Today I am just posting some results of my experiments with colored smoke photography.

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Some more results of experiments with smoke

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