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103. Cotton Strings

I din’t get time to go out and shoot today, so uploading an old photograph I took when I shot drowning. I have got a loads of ideas for 365 + I am working on the proposal and planning for a series of workshops I am going to conduct (with my team) for school children + I got a freelance work of designing graphics for a game. What more can you ask! I just have to solve the problem of accomodation now and It will be all perfect. Flickr link

For this photograph, I like the tension between the lady and person sitting. But it is described so well by a friend of mine ( who is also my team member for the workshops) that I am not going to waste any more words.

” first you just see the guy,
then you notice the woman,
and then you see invisible strings on the abandoned path between them,
she has traveled that bit of the road,but he is still unsure
and there are strings
some have broken… laying down defeated on the ground
some are still hanging, bearing the tension
That’s how it happens, you know? A couple is like a system held by many strings
As they grow apart
some strings break
the remaining strings are in higher tension now
tension keeps increasing, strings keep giving away
then the last one snaps all of a sudden
and there is no tension
no strings attached
and it is where these two people come from
that makes their strings cotton
not nylon
not metal
hand woven
Cotton Strings! “


93. Topsy Turvydom

Wow! This will be one of the milestones for my 365 project. This photo is just what I have imagined it. The color tones, the contrast, the composition, everything is perfect. I know that I am praising my own photo, but that is what I really feel like. Please see on Flickr, its much more crispier there

I am graduated from college with no job, don’t know how I am going to survive in a big city like Mumbai, don’t know how I am going to approach photography. Questions, questions and more questions. I am so tired that I even can’t think anymore. For the first time I am able to express what I am feeling through a photograph. This is the photograph of the background I have used for making this photograph.

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