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165. Gone!!

Gone!! by Abhey Singh
Gone!!, a photo by Abhey Singh on Flickr.

The local train at Thane station. Thane station is special in terms of Railway as it is the place from where the first train started off.

164. Lost in the mist of time

Lost in the mist of time by Abhey Singh
Lost in the mist of time, a photo by Abhey Singh on Flickr.

Taken through the space between bricks which gave such a natural vignetting. This was taken at the Junior college I teach in Mulund. She is one of the helpers and it was around 5 PM. She might be waiting for to go home or maybe lost in some other thoughts.

Powai Lake Promenade

Yesterday I went for a photo-walk on the promenade built on the powai lake. Powai Lake (named after Framaji Kavasji Powai Estate) is an artificial lake, situated in the northern suburb of Mumbai, on Salsette Island, in the Powai valley, where a Powai village with a cluster of huts existed. The city suburb called Powai, shares its name with the lake. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay one of the premier institutions of science and technology in India is located to the east of the lake.

On the promenade is a garden named Powai Nisarg Udyan. It has a special fountain show but it was not working.

The lake has lot of crocodiles. An unfortunate incident happened last year in which a fisherman was killed by a crocodile.

31. Bus Station

Well, I am back to Mumbai with a loads a photographs of my visit.

I was at the bus station of my town when I noticed this man. His costume, his stillness, groundnuts all contributed to my decision to make a photograph of him.

The polythene bag of the groundnuts, his angle of sitting almost fixed my vantage point also. While experimenting with the vantage point some other person came and sat with him.

I tried to use a different background of the temple.

The temple background dint feel right. It is close to the subject so a large aperture would be required to separate the subject from the background. Other than the board behind the subject you couldn’t guess that it is a bus station.

In order to give some more contrast to the subject I tried to shoot from a high vantage point and use the

light floor as the background.

It did provide a good amount of contrast but now the subject was looking very small. Also there was an uneasiness in the shot. A confusion over what the photographer wanted to show. This confusion might be good many times but this time I decided to use my original background- the shops.

This photograph has many things to write about:

1. The sharpness of the Photograph- the subject is completely sharp and you can see very tiny details.

2. The expression specially the eyes

3. The colors: it includes the color of his hat as well as the colors in the nameplates of the shops

4. Perfect blend with background- The aperture is perfect for just blurring the background a little bit to separate the subject and keeping enough details to see what is in the background.

5. The empty space in front of the subject- somehow that space in the direction of sight of the subject is adding to the photograph.

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