138. I will spread my Wings and fly away

“The sky is calm
The stars are bright.
What’s better than to be in flight..
I’ll relax my mind
And be at ease….
and let this journey
Set me free
Set me free..”

~’Spread my Wings’ by Troop

The Flickr Link for an awesome view

It was a long day and still going on. I went to Juhu beach, Mumbai to shoot for a tutorial I am making on “Framing”. Initially I went there with the red sky of sunset in my mind and got little nervous when  I saw that it is cloudy. But it worked so well. This photograph is like the work of an instant. The only thing in my control was the waves which I positioned intentionally. The posture of the girl and the small aeroplane on the upper left corner ( see closely) are just coincidences. Well, this is going to be one of my favourite images.

    • Sunnyace
    • July 4th, 2012

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  1. Beautiful! I’m not sure if we have mentioned it before, but if you are a match for our site, we would love for you to submit your photography, this or others, to our site. Come by and see. We’d love to publish your work (with a blurb about you and each photo, and a link back here to send new readers).

    • I would very much like to do it but in the description of your site you have mentioned some stuff that I don’t fit in

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